For companies flooded with GenAI-augmented applications, our 6-minute video-based assessment serves as a critical top-of-funnel behavioral screening tool. It identifies the true candidate in a reality of GPT-enhanced profiles.

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Leverage GenAI to make informed data-driven decisions

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In-depth analysis of behavioral traits and communication patterns

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Risk-Reduced Hiring: Significantly minimize the risk of bad hires

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Reduce your interview load and operational costs

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Conduct role and company fit validations at the top-of-the-funnel

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Leverage GenAI to make informed data-driven decisions

We've gained the trust of numerous US and EU customers and successfully vetted over 70,000 candidates

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  • Embrace our ethical and effective practices to secure the productive talents you need

  • As the work landscape evolves and talent pools diversify, companies increasingly recognize the importance of psychological and behavioral assessments in securing top talent.

This is what FlatWorld is all about. And this is how we power your growth.

Distinguishing authentic talent from GenAI-enhanced profiles is essential in managing the threefold application surge. Our GPT-proof technology surpasses traditional personality assessments, eliminating biases and substantially reducing interview loads and hiring costs.


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    Ranking tailored to your company’s specific needs and DNA
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    Avoid social desirability bias

    Eliminate the inherent bias of self-reported assessments
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    Improve candidate experience with a 6-minute video recording
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    Protect your operational costs from the surge of GPT-assisted applications

This is how we deliver outstanding measurable results

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